Creating Great Book Cover Illustrations


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MARCH !), 2018


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Picture yourself in a bookstore. You’re aimlessly browsing the shelves when one you decide to take a closer look at one particular book. In the sea of other books around it, what piqued your interest about that one particular book?

Chances are you picked up the book because of the cover. Book covers are an exciting area in the illustration world and comes with it's own special techniques and opportunities. 

In this 10 week course, noted illustrators Lee White and Jaime Zollars will help you explore the process of creating covers for a variety of books. 

Book cover by Lee White

What you will learn:

Jaime Zollars — Lee White

Jaime Zollars — Lee White

Jaime Zollars is an accomplished artist yada yaa yada

Course Contents

1 Video

11 Texts

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Dynamic and Creative Thumbnails

Week 2: Making a Dynamic Book Cover

Week 3: Case Studies and Assignment 1 Crit

Week 4: "A Modern Classic" Thumbnails

Week 5: "A Modern Classic" Final Drawing with Color

Week 6: "A Modern Classic" Final Crit

Week 7: Cover and Spot for Middle Grade Adventure Series-