Drawing A Portrait with Dave Malan

Drawing a Portrait

taught by David Malan
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Michael Dominguez

Michael Dominguez

David Malan
David Malan

About the Instructor

David is a full time freelance illustrator after spending over a decade at Disney. He has worked freelance since 2005 nationally and international with assignments for magazines, book covers, ad campaigns and even coin design for the U.S. Mint. David also sells oil paintings and drawings in galleries around the U.S.A.

What you will learn

In this video tutorial you'll sit down with professional artist and illustrator Dave Malan to do a pencil drawn portrait. Good drawing is the basis to any effective visual story telling, this video will help you improve your core drawing abilities. David is well known for his pencil drawings and portraits which have been featured in magazines and fine art galleries around the country. He will take you through his drawing process, from the very first steps on how to construct the anatomy and proportions needed to give the foundation of a good drawing. Follow along as he discusses what to look for to get the personality in your drawing. Dave will show you how he builds up value and uses his signature crosshatching style to add the visual appeal and a finished but loose look.

Course Contents

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1.0 hr

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