Drawing Comics with Jake Parker

Drawing Comics

taught by Jake Parker
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Jake  Parker
Jake Parker

About the instructor

For the last 19 years Jake has worked on everything from animated films to comics to picture books. For several years he worked for Reel FX and Blue Sky Studios on such projects as Horton Hears a Who, Rio, and Epic. He is the creator of the popular Inktober drawing challenge. Jake currently works as an illustrator and cartoonist on children's books and comics. He works out of his home studio in Utah.

Learn how to draw comics

Jake Parker has been creating comics professionally for over 10 years. From his own studies, insight from peers and mentors, and material from the best books on the subject he boils everything he's learned about the art form into one class.

This class is broken down in two parts:

Part I - Instruction

In this section Jake goes point by point in a methodical, easy to understand, lecture style on the principles of making comics that effectively tell your story and elicit an emotional response from the reader.

Part II - Demonstration

In this section Jake creates a comic from the ground up, and shows how to apply the principles taught in part I to create your own comic.

Note: Note: Part II is an ongoing segment and will be posted to the class page as each part is completed beginning the first week of May.

In this class you will learn:

  • The key elements of comics and how to use them to tell your story
  • How to write a story for comics
  • How to break down your story into pages and panels
  • How panel to panel action works, and how to get your story to flow seamlessly
  • How to compose a comics page
  • How to prepare your comics for print
  • What tools to use, both digital and traditional

This class includes:

  • 19 instructional videos
  • 6 different PDF downloads of class notes
  • Photoshop comics page template
  • Download of Jake's PSD files from the class
  • Jake's Photoshop Drawing Tool Presets

Course Contents

19 Videos
1 Download
6.5 hrs