Making Graphic Novels

Making Graphic Novels

taught by Nathan Hale
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Verónica Farfan

Very helpful!

The way he explains the steps to complete the graphic novels makes it look like a doable thing from beginning to end. It doesn't seem anymore like an impossible thing to finish.

Chris Perry

Interesting Content

This was fun to know. It is good to know about creating your own type software.

Jennifer Ryascoff

Verónica Farfan

The way he explains the steps to complete the graphic novels makes it look like a doable thing from beginning to end. It doesn't seem anymore like an impossible thing to finish.

Chris Perry

This was fun to know. It is good to know about creating your own type software.

Jennifer Ryascoff

Jennifer de Oliveira

This was such a helpful breakdown! Nathan creates a very clear path to take a graphic novel from start to finish. What seems like a daunting, overwhelming task is made much more do-able through this easy-to-follow presentation. An excellent resource!

Chrissy Kaesmayr

awesome, honest, fun and motivating.

Alyssa Gorman

Enjoyed watching this lecture. So much information in only about an hour. Stoked at the idea of trying a graphic novel! I never knew I wanted to but now I think I'm convinced.

Brett Chalupa

Charming, insightful, and immediately actionable. The 60 minute video is the perfect length for laying down every step that goes into making a graphic novel, laying out a simple step-by-step process to go from the original idea to the finished gra...

Javier Gomez

Short and concise insight on the step to create a graphic novel, truly helpful.

John Marcotte

I can now make my own Graphic Novel. I have had some ideas for the longest time and I did not know where to start. So happy to have watched to this and get an basic understanding on making a Graphic Novel. If you don't know were to start. Watch th...

Denise van Hulst

I didn't expect much from a short course on this subject, since it is so overwhelming, but I was absolutely blown away by the useful tips. I'm working on my first graphic novel that I decided to post as a webcomic (since it really is just for prac...

Carrie Salazar

GREAT advice and a class I will refer back to again and again.

Judy Bales

Nathan gave very clear direction on this daunting task...take baby steps. The info was very interesting, and will be a great tool for my future endeavors!

Anatoly Gavrilov

Incredible, Nathan! I don't even imagine that one person could make this stuff in one year. This is amazing! You ROCK!

Renee Graef

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Monica Maldonado

Thanks dividing it all into steps. Super helpful!!


I know they're all called "courses" on here, but this is more of a talk or seminar. It would have been nice to see some support materials like a sample manuscript for one of his novels, especially since he is an author and a lot of us are going to...

Vicky Amos

Tom Agnetti

Monique Cucchi

As a full-time designer interested in illustrating a graphic novel on the side, this was a wonderful resource. Nathan has done an incredible job of breaking down his process into bite-sized pieces that help alleviate the anxiety of beginning such ...

Kal Cain

My theory is that if you can gain at least one good piece of information from something then it is worth while. There were a few little details I haven't figured out yet.

Fabrício de Souza Bohrer

Simon Wall

Throughout the video, Nathan Illustrates/writes his thoughts and process down on large sheets of paper, giving a visual side of whatever he's covering and showing how it relates and connects. A great process for creating graphic novels I will take...

Angela Sisk

This was very interesting and helpful information! Apparently, I have been attacking my project backwards--this course helped me identify ways to make my life a lot easier, and to accomplish a lot of work much faster than I am currently. Thanks fo...

Doris Latimore Johnson

Very valuable guide: do the manuscript first; adapt; consider if your work style and choice of tools; the bump/page turner. Jam packed with alternative paths to get a work done. Maybe could be clearer if paths were drawn out more systematicall...

Fynn M'Llyr

Interesting, informative, and well-paced. It had a good amount of detail for the length of the video, and the steps were broken down into manageable steps that were easy to understand.

Jason Arthur

David Little

Jo Pal

Very nice intro on how to make a graphic novel. It would be great to see a series on this from concept to end result in the future.

First Last

This was actually excellent. Maybe some of the steps taken should have been obvious, but the class really does make the process, manageable.

Anna J. Benczédi

Karen Dugan

Nathan Hale
Nathan Hale

About the Instructor

Nathan Hale is the creator of the widely celebrated Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales. He is the illustrator of the graphic novel Rapunzel’s Revenge, which was an Al Roker Book Club for Kids selection, an ALA Notable Book, and a YALSA Great Graphic Novel for Teens and earned three starred reviews. He is also the illustrator of several picture books. He lives in Provo, Utah, with his wife and their two children.

Graphic Novels start to finish

Nate Hale explains from start to finish how you write and illustrate your own graphic novel. It's rare to find the trifecta in teaching this process but not only does Nate write and illustrate his popular graphic novel series, "Hazardous Tales" for Abrams but he's also a great teacher! Nate breaks down the process in a way that will help you understand the different parts of storytelling, how to use illustrations, where to use illustrations, what type of illustrations to use, how to layout your book, and much more. For anyone wanting to break into the publishing world of graphic novels this class is a great step. Ages 16 up. Run time approx. 1 hour.

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