Stylizing Human Characters

Stylizing Human Characters

taught by Jake Parker
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Michael Dominguez

Michael Dominguez

Jake  Parker
Jake Parker

About the Instructor

For the last 19 years Jake has worked on everything from animated films to comics to picture books. For several years he worked for Reel FX and Blue Sky Studios on such projects as Horton Hears a Who, Rio, and Epic. He is the creator of the popular Inktober drawing challenge. Jake currently works as an illustrator and cartoonist on children's books and comics. He works out of his home studio in Utah.

Learn how to stylize human characters

From animated films to children's books, the ability to create engaging, appealing, and stylized characters is a highly sought after skill set. In this course, Jake takes you through the thought process behind stylizing characters, how to break down a design from complex to simple, and apply those principles with techniques that work.

Learning to stylize:

In this class Jake deconstructs complex design problems into basic, understandable components. The lesson is broken down into these sections:

  • The Style Wheel, what it is, and how it helps your thinking behind design
  • Example: Stylizing an eye
  • Example: Stylizing an ear
  • The Style Wheel and character design
  • Examples of popular characters and deconstructing their style
  • Proportions
  • Shapes
  • Stylization of individual body parts
  • Demo of stylizing a character from a photo

In this class you will also learn:

  • the principles of character design
  • how to apply these principles to create different characters
  • how to analyze photos of people and apply real life reference to your designs
  • methods of working up from a thumbnail sketch to finished drawing

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